This concert ticket may have a simple layout, but has big impact because of the red, black and white.

The client asked for a rich, luxe feeling for this ad. He was able to supply the photos of the pianist and the bust of Beethoven, and so I arranged the photos and text to reflect the look he was going for.

In this flyer I used some playful clipart to emphasize the Christmas light theme of the event. One fun detail is that the photo of the building is made to look like an ornament hanging from the letter "C" in the word Christmas.

This is a 2-sided postcard in which I used a fun font and combination of clipart to advertise an upcoming event. 

This ad was printed in the Oregon Visitor's Guide

This full page ad was printed in the Oregon Visitor's Guide. I kept all the branding consistent for the client throughout the ads and other marketing materials I worked on for them.

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