I enjoyed illustrating the snake around the ball and then chose a western style font to compliment the rattlesnake

This was one of my all-time favorite logos in it's concept and simplicity. The customer asked me to design a logo that showed his photography business as a partnership between he and his wife. The letter "O" in the words "Iconic" and "shadows" represent wedding rings and also elicit the feeling of a shadow.

Although this logo is mostly simple text, it's shape mimics a building or a piece of lumber. The leaf adds a little interest and color by making use of the letter "O" to represent an apricot.

This was a very fun logo to illustrate. I worked at Eagle Printing with 2 other blonde gals so we made ourselves matching t-shirts with this logo to wear to work as our own "team spirit" day.

I had a blast drawing a hot dog character for this logo. The customer loved it so much he told me I could have a free hot dog anytime!

This logo is an example of bringing the customer's idea to life. I illustrated the crab character and arranged the text and other elements to create a fun and playful logo.

I presented several options for this logo, but this one is my favorite. I don't believe any options were used but I thought this one was successful at representing the event.

What a fun yet challenging logo this was! I thought it would be amusing for the dogs to be holding wine glasses and used Photoshop extensively on this logo. I worked closely with the customer from concept to completion and he loved how it turned out.

I illustrated basement stairs and warped the text to help create the illusion of looking downward into a basement.

The customer needed a logo for complete women's healthcare that showed more than obstetrics. They only needed the icon and could add the name themselves. I created the artwork from scratch and there were a few small revisions but the customer loved the final version.

The customer wanted a drill sergeant bulldog, so I was able to use a clipart of a (human) sergeant's body and illustrate a bulldog head. The event is a fundraiser with a mud obstacle course, so I added rough and military style text and "mud" splashes.

This was a quick logo that the customer wanted for a BBQ event he was hosting.  

I really enjoyed working with the customer to create this logo. He wanted to honor his grandfather with his logo and he needed a version of his grandfather that could be embroidered on a hat. I immediately thought of the style of the old Quaker Oats logo and was able to create this artwork from a photograph. It came out really well when embroidered and I felt privileged to help the customer create a logo that has such personal meaning.

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