The customer wanted a simple black and white business card. I was able to keep it simple and still achieve a classy design that had some personality.

This double sided card has a raised spot UV on each side that is seen when it catches the light and gives the background a texture.

This was a playful and unique layout that captured the personality of the card holder.

In this layout I made icons to highlight the cell number, email, address and web address.

I designed both the logo and layout for this card. The company color was already established as bright pink, so I gave extra emphasis and movement to the logo by tilting it and breaking it past the edge of the card.

This is a double sized rack card sized 4" x 9". I chose a font and color similar to those already used in the logo to create a unified feel in the card. I staggered the text and photos to give some movement and interest throughout the design.

This is also a 4" x 9" double sided rack card. I designed the logo for this client as well as the layout of the card. My goal was to fit a lot of information on the card but still make it feel airy and relaxing like a spa, and make the information easy to read.

This tri-fold brochure aimed to attract families and schools to visit this interactive museum.  I conveyed the information in a fun and interesting way while keeping the branding consistent with the logo and print ads for this client.

This oversize tri-fold menu was a blast to lay out! I kept the vintage diner feel of the Spudnuts mascot throughout the design.

I had fun designing this self promotional brochure for the print shop I worked at. It is a good balance between classic and contemporary, like the 40 year old business was.

I included a sleeve wrap on this single sheet invitation. It makes the piece interactive and gives it a little bit of flair.

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